KT White Law Careers, LLC

Katie White, of KT White Law Careers, offers an unusually broad and knowledgeable “insider’s” perspective to attorneys seeking career advice.  Here is what sets her apart:

  • Senior management positions with responsibilities for recruitment and associate relations at several major U.S. and international law firms
  • Coaching, counseling, and marketing experience at a major law school with marketplace expertise in government, in-house and public interest sectors
  • Insight into navigating law firm politics and culture and in translating this experience into new markets
  • A results oriented and practical approach to career development


  • Career Transitions
  • Creating a Strategic Career Plan
  • Interview Preparation
  • Management Coaching
  • How to Build your Professional Network and Business Development Skills

Navigating today’s job market is a daunting undertaking.  Unlike taking depositions, writing a brief, or working through a complex transaction, job search skills are not part of an attorney’s on-the-job training.  Katie White, of KT White Law Careers has the experience and expertise to guide you through these often choppy waters…. and to develop the strategy, interviewing, and networking skills you will need to succeed.