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Katie White, of KT White Law Careers offers an unusually broad and knowledgeable “insider’s” perspective to clients seeking career advice.  Here is what sets her apart:

  • Senior management positions with responsibilities for recruitment, professional development, and associate relations at several major U.S. and international law firms
  • Coaching, counseling, and marketing experience at a major law school with marketplace expertise in government, in-house and public interest sectors
  • Insight into navigating law firm politics and culture and translating this experience into new markets
  • A results oriented and practical approach to career development


Coaching: We provide coaching to attorneys in a variety of industries and at all career levels. We have worked with senior and junior in-house counsel, law firm partners, counsel, and associates, attorneys in local, state, and federal government, and non-profit organizations and association counsel.

Presentations: Program topics include Goal Setting for Career Success; How to Utilize LinkedIn; Interview and Resume Writing Workshops; Practical Time Management Tools, and other topics relating to Career Development.

Career Transitions

Attorneys in the process of making a career change receive individual coaching sessions:

  • Initial meeting includes an assessment to determine client interests, skills work history and future plans, and identification of ideas for the next phase of the client’s career;
  • Market analysis and brainstorming about how to move from private sector to public sector, from law firm to in-house, from government to private practice, etc.;
  • Resume review and advice about tailoring resumes to fit the requirements of specific jobs and industries;
  • Cover letter and application materials review;
  • Networking tools and ideas for use of contacts in job search process; and
  • LinkedIn training to optimize networking contacts.

Interview Preparation

Attorneys who have not interviewed in a long time, or have an important interview coming up and would like to do their best, find interview preparation invaluable. Interview preparation sessions include:

  • Initial strategy session to discuss prior interview experience, details about the position for which the client is interviewing, industry-specific tips, and client preparation;
  • Intermediate coaching sessions (if necessary) to review client preparations for upcoming interview;
  • Practice interview during which coach poses as the employer and asks questions tailored to the interview and solicits questions from the client that she would ask during the interview. All practice interviews are video recorded;
  • Debriefing of practice interview to review interview questions and answers, preparation of improved responses where necessary, review of questions posed by client during practice interview, and critique of client professionalism, demeanor, and dress. Clients receive video recording and a copy of the interview questions for further preparation;
  • Post interview communication via email (or in person) to follow up on interview results, status of job search, and to respond to client questions as application process continues; and
  • Salary and benefit negotiation advice also provided if client receives an offer.

Individual Career Plans

We work with attorneys to create practical, individualized road maps for successful careers – including future business development – by designing career development plans with the following components:

  • Time management systems that work for busy schedules and are adapted to each attorney’s needs;
  • Establishing deadlines to meet objectives and goals, including strict follow-up on progress of plan;
  • Setting SMART goals, breaking goals down into objectives, and creating a system to track progress in meeting goals and objectives;
  • Creating methods for identifying contacts who are a potential source of future business—and networking—and systems to track and keep in touch with these contacts;
  • Ideas for client and non-client outreach, such as public speaking, writing articles and blogs; and
  • Assessing the effectiveness of memberships in organizations, and brainstorming about industry-specific organizations to join in order to improve client’s chances of meeting potential clients and making new contacts.

Management Coaching

In addition to coaching clients interested in making a career move, we work with clients who want to improve relationships within their current organization, as well as build external relationships. Management coaching sessions include the following:

  • Interpersonal skill coaching for business executives interested in improving navigation of internal politics and management style;
  • Coaching relating to improving relations with colleagues and supervisors to improve the flow of information and communication on the job;
  • Connecting with former colleagues and current contacts for future business development and networking;
  • Navigating internal politics in order to make a move from one department to another (if desired); and
  • Creating a plan of action to set and achieve success.
  • Time management coaching and tools.

Business Development and Networking Skills

Building relationships is the key to job search success, and the an essential component in business development is building a strong network of contacts, creating a structured plan to reach out to contacts, and learning to network for success. Coaching in this area can include:

  • Creating a plan of action to set and achieve success.
  • Providing customized networking tracking charts and action plans.
  • Brainstorming about networking opportunities for specific industries and practice areas.
  • Creating a check-in plan, to provide incentives to meet goals and move forward.
  • Sharing tips about how to maximize LinkedIn:
    • The use of Groups and how to tap this important resource
    • How to fully utilize the Advanced Search capabilities
    • The power of the second degree contact
    • Using the LinkedIn Job Database effectively
    • Developing contacts beyond the initial outreach via LinkedIn or business card exchange