Individual Career Plans

We work with attorneys to create practical, individualized road maps for successful careers – including future business development – by designing career development plans with the following components:

  • Time management systems that work for busy schedules and are adapted to each attorney’s needs;
  • Establishing deadlines to meet objectives and goals, including strict follow-up on progress of plan;
  • Setting SMART goals, breaking goals down into objectives, and creating a system to track progress in meeting goals and objectives;
  • Creating methods for identifying contacts who are a potential source of future business—and networking—and systems to track and keep in touch with these contacts;
  • Ideas for client and non-client outreach, such as public speaking, writing articles and blogs; and
  • Assessing the effectiveness of memberships in organizations, and brainstorming about industry-specific organizations to join in order to improve client’s chances of meeting potential clients and making new contacts.