Interview Preparation

Attorneys who have not interviewed in a long time, or have an important interview coming up and would like to do their best, find interview preparation invaluable. Interview preparation sessions include:

  • Initial strategy session to discuss prior interview experience, details about the position for which the client is interviewing, industry-specific tips, and client preparation;
  • Intermediate coaching sessions (if necessary) to review client preparations for upcoming interview;
  • Practice interview during which coach poses as the employer and asks questions tailored to the interview and solicits questions from the client that she would ask during the interview. All practice interviews are video recorded;
  • Debriefing of practice interview to review interview questions and answers, preparation of improved responses where necessary, review of questions posed by client during practice interview, and critique of client professionalism, demeanor, and dress. Clients receive video recording and a copy of the interview questions for further preparation;
  • Post interview communication via email (or in person) to follow up on interview results, status of job search, and to respond to client questions as application process continues; and
  • Salary and benefit negotiation advice also provided if client receives an offer.